John Couzins

The origin of this website: John had been planning a Gallery Exhibition of his own work for quite some time but suddenly passed away on July 4th 2009 without initiating the project. His intentions had been encouraged when The National Portrait Gallery approached him in 2008 regarding participation in an exhibition of the Armenian photographer, Ida Kar. This exhibition ran from 10th March to 19th of June 2011.

The family members felt it appropriate to fulfil his Gallery intentions albeit in a broader, website based display of John’s archive. The task of reviewing, cataloguing and scanning was considerably more time consuming than anticipated due to the varied nature of John’s work and size of the archive.

The end result is a Gallery of 358 images, divided into three categories:

Portraits (255)
Commercial and Advertising (51)
Other (52)

Where a subject has been photographed several times they will be displayed in a tiled gallery format whereby any specific image can be clicked to open a larger size.

The display is wide-ranging in subject matter but frequently without the benefit of a named subject, location or date. Should you recognise an image and wish to add something please feel free to use the comments box. All participation is welcome.

John Couzins

John’s total archive was much larger than what we found. The “A List” of images has not surfaced. This is a great pity as both his portrait and commercial work was truly stunning. As such, this website focuses on the available images. Perhaps we will get lucky and the lost-in-storage archive will one day emerge.

Please take a moment to read the ‘About’ page. It provides a nice synopsis of John’s photographic life. It also includes a link to the related NPG catalogue. And, it also includes a link to a Folkestone-resident photographer’s interpretation of John and his work.

We hope you enjoy this presentation.

Family Members and Friends

John Malcolm Couzins – 1948 to 2009

( June 2020 )